• How to make alarm in work from Tonmind IP speakers?
  • Short circuit the alarm in connection then it will trigger the preset in web to play audio.

  • Does Tonmind IP speakers have audio in?
  • Yes, now Tonmind IP horn SIP-S21M, it is 30w amplifier and have 1 audio in.

  • Does Tonmind SIP paging adapter SIP-T20 have audio in and audio out?
  • Yes, the Mic work as audio in, and HST work as audio out.

  • How many audio in and audio that Tonmind IP Mic SIP-M20 have?
  • Tonmind IP Mic SIP-M20 have 2 audio in, and 1 audio out.

  • What does Onvif Profile of Tonmind speakers support?
  • It supports profile S and profile T.

  • What brand of Onvif VMS that Tonmind speakers are able to register to for listen and audio broadcasting?
  • Milestone, Nx witness, DW, IDIS, Avigilon, Digifort, Milesight, and keep to update.

  • How many devices that Tonmind software is able to manage?
  • Now Tonmind have total three software: Tonmind Audio Manager, Tonmind PA System Lite, Tonmind PA System Pro, they are able to manage devices up to 1000pcs.

  • How to make IP Phone direct call to IP Speaker?
  • ① Add contact info in IP Phone, set name and IP Address, the IP Address format is like 123@ Tonmind IP Speaker IP Address, for example, 123@

    ② Find Contact Menu in IP Phone, find the name you just set, press and it will dial to Tonmind IP Speaker.

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